The Superhome Movement

You may be surprised to learn that compared to other developed OECD countries, New Zealand’s building code is about 20 years behind. And, currently,  almost 98% of new homes are built to the minimum legal standard. As members of the Superhome Movement, this is something we are determined to change.

What is the Superhome Movement? Well, it’s a group of builders, designers and service providers who are committed to raising housing standards in New Zealand.

The Superhome Movement facilitates education, lobbies for change and is a source of cutting-edge building design, technologies and techniques.

As part of the Superhome Movement, we can introduce ideas to our customers that allow for more sustainable, safer and affordable living.


Homestar is a comprehensive and independent rating tool adapted for New Zealand’s unique conditions. Homestar rates a home’s health, warmth and efficiency on a scale of 6 to 10. If your home has a 6 Homestar rating (our preferred minimum), you can be sure that it is more cost-efficient, dryer, warmer and healthier than an average New Zealand home.

At ESJAY Builders, we are delighted to offer you the added benefit of an in-house Homestar Assessor — director Stephen Mitchell. He can assist you with the design and build process while providing advice and recommendations to ensure a Homestar rating that meets your requirements.

Stephen, who has over 18 years’ industry experience, is committed to taking ESJAY into the next era of healthier, warmer, more affordable and cost-efficient homes. His drive has been the impetus for a shift in methodologies, resources and expertise within the company.